This Friendly Village - by Margaret DeWilliam Horton -reflects the combination of people and experiences that make up my village. The thought that all of us belong to a few different villages. How the web connects us all. Some are local, some far away and some overlap. Some are collections of friends and family or those I share a certain interest or piece of history with. Named for all of the above and a favorite childhood book, This Friendly Village is about discovery. It's about the richness of life-long learning and the comfort of doing what you know. 

I share a home in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by old trees with a husband who lives life with exuberance, purpose, love and focus. Three spirited, funny and creative sons come and go, living out ideas and adventures......serving as constant sources of inspiration and education. Our golden retriever, Logan, is exceptional at following all of us around and asking for and giving huge amounts of affection. He and our patient cat, Bear, have come to an understanding.  Lewis, a young lab/cattle dog mix, makes extended visits here as well.

Here you'll find photos and observations about:
Car trips,  food,  farmer's markets, new places, hikes in the woods, walks on sidewalks. Things made locally, by hand, by me, by others. Moderate adventure...although some might call raising three boys 'big adventure'. What I'm thinking, what's funny, what energized me. Something about coffee........and baking...... and eating what I've baked with a cup of coffee. And places to find good coffee.

I am a fan of the real and the authentic. Of those who create art and pictures and music. Of those who have a dream and follow it. Of those who are purposeful, intentional and find meaning in how they spend time.

Welcome to This Friendly Village blog!
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