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~~I have recently (Dec 2011) opened a shop at in order to offer a 2012 Desk Calendar I had printed with my photos. I'm hoping to offer additional items in the near future and am currently in the process of considering what they may be. To find me go to:

~~To read or view additional pieces of my work, please click on the following links or pick up the printed page. I would just love it if you did! 

   ~~Blog Contributions:
       Visit Missoula posts can be found under the Blogs tab at

       Posts include:
        -A Few Missoula Restaurants
        -In Awe Of Ansel Adams
        -GRIZ Family Weekend
        -Road Trip!
        -Loopy - Knit and Crochet
        -Big Dipper Ice Cream - Great Cones......Oh Boy!
        -This Time Last Year
        -Missoula Musician and Songwriter - David Boone
        -Caffe Dolce
        -My Missoula Top Ten List
        -Why Missoula?
        -Welcome To 'Visit Missoula'!      
   ~~Online essays:
       - Commencement  at
       - Almost There at

  ~~The Printed Page, Essays:

      - It Takes Time - Mamalode, Spring 2011, issue no. 7, page 11
      - Biology - Mamalode, Fall 2011, issue no. 9, page 13

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