Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Learning Garden

The other day I noticed some enormous lavender bushes flowering in the back lot where our local Farmer's Market is held. Thinking the vibrant purple would make for some nice images, Marc and I ended up back there late yesterday afternoon, my camera in hand.

As soon as I was close enough, I realized that it wasn't a light breeze moving the blossoms back and forth, and that indeed there was no power tool in the vicinity responsible for the constant buzzing.  I have kind of an irrational fear of bees......don't make me explain. One flitting here or there is fine (although a flitting one did end up in my ear the other day), but when they congregate in great numbers, I've been known to change course in order to prevent a lot of embarrassing screaming and dancing around.  Anyway, I didn't bring along my zoom and would have needed to crouch in way too close for my comfort in order to get a good shot. Thank goodness most of the other plants in the garden weren't as attractive to them at the moment.

(Don't get me wrong......I have a great appreciation for bees and am thankful for all of their hard work and usefulness......they just scare me.)

The fact that I bypassed the lavender sent us wandering around the rest of the garden, and what a wonderful spot to wander in any time during the planting, growing or harvesting seasons. Peaceful and inspiring. Beautiful and thought provoking. A community space put to good use as a Learning Garden. We walked the pathways between several small plots, reading the informative signs posted along the way. There were flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Poles, trellises, rain barrels and compost. A rich variety of food, beauty and potential photo opportunities, which of course, I know will change significantly and rhythmically throughout the summer and fall.   

Today marks the Northern Hemisphere's summer solstice. It is the longest day of the year, the instant in time when the top half of the earth is tilted closest to the sun and the astronomical first day of summer. We're lucky to be able to celebrate here with cobalt skies, wispy clouds and the promise of the sun warmed offerings of the earth in the months to come. What will you do to celebrate?

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Warmly, Margaret


Anonymous said...

Sitting poolside with my coffee and ipad. Amazing beach views here... 90+, ocean breeze... and yet your photos still draw me in. Thank you always for sharing!
(oops! Don't know if you know we are in ft lauderdale at a mting! 9 days! Had to leave MT to find some summer!).......Maureen

thisfriendlyvillage said...

Ahhhhh...Sunshine and the beach.....sounds heavenly! Thanks for checking in! XO

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