Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who We Knit For

New commercials are playing on the television and radio. Red and green ads splash across billboards. I have a stack of catalogs on top of my desk. All of this serves as a reminder that the holidays are just around the corner. 

Last evening this is what I stumbled upon in the Vogue Knitting Holiday issue I just received:

"Holiday time in Canada brings up the age-old question: "Who do we knit for and how many knitted items can we churn out before present opening time?"

Having been raised by said Canadian, I remember watching my Mom turn out hats, scarves, blankets and sweaters during pre-holiday knitting sessions. Except, of course, when I was the recipient. Then I wondered after ripping through the paper and opening the box, how she had manged to hide the project from me as she worked. The first year I followed her lead I was nine or ten years old. I gave a pair of pink slippers I had knit in garter stitch to my grandmother. It was my first completed knitting project.

Three years ago I began a tradition of knitting winter hats for each of my boys. It is something useful and makes me feel good when they live far away and in places with real potential for cold, windy weather and lots of snow. I am an intermediate knitter at best....but this is something I can do. It goes quickly and after knitting several hats, I've learned a lot.  I will readily admit that making them has benefited us both.

The holiday season is appraoching and I welcome it. I will shop......but I will also 'make'. There is a wooden tray filled with yarn sitting on my coffee table; separate balls that are so beautiful before the stitches are even woven together. A small stash of finished projects rests next to the couch. No......I won't say who is getting what from whom, but I do have a list, and as many as I have time for will receive.

Wishing you some wonderful weeks ahead!




Debbie said...

I too am working on a top secret Christmas gift. I am making a handmade book of traditional family Christmas recipes for Lauren. Everything from Christmas dinner prime rib to our favorite Christmas cookie! Even our family's top secret peanut butter fudge recipe which was passed down from my grandmother to my mother! I started making handmade books several years ago - time consuming but rewarding. I have never had much talent for sewing, knitting, etc., but your beautiful photographs of yarn make me wish I was a knitter! Enjoying your blog! Debbie B.

thisfriendlyvillage said...

Debbie...that sounds like such a wonderful and specail gift for Lauren! I hope I am able to see your work some day! So glad you checked in! XO

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