Saturday, December 17, 2011

Part Of What Makes The Season Merry

There are certain things I watch or listen to in December that, to me, make it Christmas. They give me a chance to slow down and take a deep breath in an otherwise busy season. To get lost in something other than the gift, Christmas cookie or Christmas card list. When I was growing up it was A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph. These days, here is what I enjoy no particular order. I'm hoping that the following list either gives you a couple of new ideas or helps you to recall a few great memories.

1. It's A Wonderful Life - either the colorized version or black and white. It doesn't matter. Believe it or not, the first time I watched this movie was with Marc in our hotel room right after our wedding, as we sat propped up by pillows, eating room service roast beef sandwiches and chips.

2.White Christmas - I remember watching this for the first time with my sister, Michele, one Christmas when we were young....and then singing the number "Sisters" for days after. Love a good musical!

3. A Christmas Carol. For years we saw a live performance of this every season at the Act Theatre in Seattle. It was also what Marc and I saw on our second date. He planned it.....and it could possibly be the reason we fell in love. Although he might say that he fell in love with me because I suggested that we go to a Sonics game on our first date!

4.When Harry Met Sally - A classic

5. Miracle On 34th Street - again, either the old version or the new. I love them both.

6. Love Actually - I watched this the other day while finishing up some presents. Turns out it is one of my sister's 'go to' holiday movies as well. So many things about it are so sweet. Hugh Grant is funny and charming, and I love how the story wraps up in the end. 

7. The Holiday - Jack Black is my favorite in this one.

8. Elf - OK......Will Ferrell's goofiness is perfect in this movie. Goofy...but not too much so. And really...... so funny to imagine how confusing it would be to a North Pole elf if he/she ended up in New York City at Christmastime!

9. The Nutcracker - A live performance or any of the music. We're headed to see Pacific Northwest Ballet's performance of it with a couple of our boys next week. I'm not sure they've ever seen it, but they've agreed to go with us. I think they will like it more than they think they will.

10. Handel's Messiah - I first attended the full performance of this at Meaney Hall on the UW campus 30 years ago. Before that I had only listened to bits and pieces, the most recognizable of course, being the Hallelujah Chorus. If you've never listened all the way through...I would recommend a live performance. It's long but will keep your attention and leave you feeling so wonderfully refreshed when it's over.  If you've not been before, look for a performance that supplies the audience with a copy of the words. I'd also recommend reading a bit about the history of this piece beforehand. It will make it so much more meaningful.

On that note, Hope You Have A Wonderful Weekend!



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