Friday, September 7, 2012


Nighttime temperatures are dropping. Soon fog will hover over the fern and rhododendron, and intermingle with the many hundreds of maple leaves as the sun comes up over the back yard. Yellow buses rumble on the street above at predictable early morning and late afternoon intervals. Knitting season and baking season are in the offing. We are rushing to complete outdoor projects; to make sure they get wrapped up before the weather turns cold and gray and damp. Plans for those inside the house are beginning in earnest.

Slowly, my days are changing. I am both inching toward a new season and anchored by seasons past, standing upon what has come before. Steadfast roots that have taken my lifetime and the lifetimes of generations past to grow, hold me up. They push me to look forward; to head into a new era that is both the same and different.  There is a lot of movement around me,  just as there is almost every September......sometimes unpredictable...... and I am settling into the latest iteration of what is my life. It is impossible that the two be independent from one another.

I'll be heading out for a few days in the Rocky Mountains next week and am hoping to be able to make a post, but if I can't.....I'll be in touch at some point during the following one. Please be sure to check back!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Warmly, Margaret

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