Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Approaching Venice

The general area that I live in is threaded with bodies of water, large and small, all of which ultimately flow toward the Pacific. It is not unusual in the span of a day to either cross over water or to follow along it's shore.  Both dwelling place and industry are built to take maximum advantage of what a section of waterfront has to offer. Sailboats, fishing vessels, canoes, houseboats, ferries, cruise ships, cargo ships and seaplanes are common sights. Streams tumble down westward slopes, merge into rivers and flow toward large lakes and the Puget Sound. Beyond the mainland waterfront, the sound is dotted with islands that harbor life for different reasons and at a different pace than in the city. We are all interconnected and influenced by our proximity to this tangled flow of water.

Even though bodies of water are a daily norm for me, I was still surprised and unprepared for the short time that we spent in Venice this fall. Its 117 islands, 400 bridges and 177 canals. Its age and color and beauty. Its richly woven tapestry of history. Its waterways that serve the same purpose as the roadways I am used to: Moving people in taxis and buses. Moving groceries and goods.

We packed whatever we could  into the day and a half we were there, making our way to the island of Murano to look at glass via a water bus. Pasta and a glass of wine for lunch. An evening gondola ride. It was warm and bright and sunny during the day and glowed with reflected light in the evening. The most impressive part of our visit, I think, was our arrival. We stood on an upper deck to watch the city grow large during our ship's approach from the Adriatic to the Grand Canal. It was colorful and thrilling...... and as I sift through my photographs, I remember what I felt: This is new to me. I am in a place I have never been before. I will get as much as I can out of it while I'm here.

The photos below are a set (in order) taken as a tugboat lead our ship toward Venice .

Where ever your travels take you today......I hope you enjoy them.

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