Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm a bit under the weather today so it's a good day to stay home and do a few things. Not much however! There is something nice about sticking around. Doing laundry and putting things in their place. Listening to the washer and dryer do their thing. Curling up in a blanket with a book. Baking a batch of my favorite cookies. Mmmmm..........I don't do that often when the boys are away.

Hope you have a great day!


Just me said...


Not sure how I have come across your blog... some global blog trail... but just wanted to say HI, because you wrote the post feeling under the weather, but the two photos have just brought me joy. In fact, they have helped me this morning feel less under the weather!

I love that there are just two photos, totall unrelated objects, and yet, both yellows and "stacks" of comfort.

Thanks for sharing,
Ali from Geneva

thisfriendlyvillage said...

Hi Ali....so happy that these photos made a difference in your day! I'm happy that you are checking in. Have a wonderful day! Margaret

Donna said...

Love your way with words. This post just feels so comfy.

Was hoping to find the recipe for those delicious looking cookies but, alas, there was none.

Want to share??

thisfriendlyvillage said...

Thanks so much for your comments this morning Donna! I am so happy that you are enjoying this blog! I'm a little slow with getting recipes up, but I will tell you that those cookies were made using the Nestle's oatmeal chocolate chip recipe from the back of the chocolate chip bag. Our favorite!

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