Friday, May 13, 2011

Only So Many Minutes in A Day......

Yesterday I returned to my previous post and added a favorite recipe for Banana Bread.  I originally meant to include it, but didn't seem to have time that day. I also spent a few minutes updating my recipe page by linking ones I've included so far with their posts. You can now click on each one and it will easily lead you where you want to go.

Getting both of these things accomplished were simply  functions of time......or lack of it at the moment that I needed it. Or thought I needed it. They might not seem like huge things or of great importance but they made a difference. Getting to them made something I started feel finished and complete.....and to me, that feels good. 

Today I had lunch at a favorite restaurant with my family, followed by dessert.  Afterward we walked into a bookstore and I saw this peaceful banner strung the width of the ceiling. In a few minutes we'll head out for a hike. Making time for good food, important people in my life and almost any activity out of doors makes me feel good too.

I sincerely wish you a wonderful, peaceful and satisfying weekend!

Warmly, Margaret

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Anonymous said...

Death by chocolate. I've always loved that title!....Maureen

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