Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I ended up at the Farmer's Market this weekend during an intermittent sun break. I have to say all of the mystery we've had this spring about whether that golden orb would peek out or not has created a situation around here; I appreciate it's light and warmth even more when it finally shows itself. Bright patches of blue in between squalls are glorious and cause for conversation and celebration. Rays reflect off water droplets and intensify both colors and the urge to be outside. So during my visit to the market I felt surrounded by lively, happy and thankful people all out doing just what I was doing. Shopping the offerings of the week. Feeling somewhat giddy that what they were there for came with a side of sunshine.

Maybe it was the welcome light or that I've had a couple things to celebrate myself lately, but the display of cupcakes under one of the tents proved irresistible.  I thought what drew me in was the fun I could have with my camera. Gems of cake collected under domed glass. Shiny footed cake plates. Handmade signs. Lilacs. However, after taking a few photos and after almost too much deliberation, I decided to treat myself.  A toast to the official start of summer! To nurturing sunshine! To the good things in life ......in the form of luscious chocolate cake topped with peanut butter frosting.


Hope you have a wonderful week,

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Leciawp said...

Looks like summer to me! And cupcakes - wow!!

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