Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beary Good

My older boys are twins, you know. They shared a womb and then a room until they were seven. When they were very young they shared stroller space, back seat space and space in a preschool classroom. As kindergarten approached we requested that they be placed separately to minimize the frequency they would be subjected to the inevitable mix-ups and comparisons that come with being a person that looks almost-exactly-like-another-person. If I remember correctly, they escaped being in the same mix all the way through middle and high school. 

When college rolled around they chose different schools in different states. For a year or so beforehand we encouraged them to consider their own personal needs; to make decisions geared toward their unique selves. Although we hoped they would give some real thought to whether they should attend the same school or different ones, we kept from making suggestions the best we could. I could spend some time here talking about perceived similarities or differences in their personalities, but I won't. Only they know for sure. I'm just happy they knew what would work out best.

All of my boys grew up not knowing what it was like to be without one another other, but particularly the older two.  Separate classrooms, colleges and cities allowed autonomy as much as possible, but the truth is that they have been enveloped together since conception and connected in ways they might not even understand. Are there unique gifts born along with being a twin? Maybe, but truthfully, I'm just hoping that all three of them recognize the gifts they received being born as brothers.

As I write this, the two older ones are are hiking and camping in Glacier National Park for a few days. For the first time...ever, I guess.....it's just the two of them away from home, media distractions, friends, and whatever else makes up the fabric of their every day. They're sharing space in a car, on a trail, at a campfire and in a tent. I would love to know what they're talking about; witness how they work and cook and hike together. Maybe they'll find out things about each other that they didn't know before or teach each other a few things. I know for sure they'll have each other laughing, that's a given.

The last we heard from them was a text message sent to their younger brother. It was a picture with each of them on one side of an enormous stuffed-animal type bear. The caption stated, "Montana is Beary Good..."

I can't wait to hear.

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