Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Bits Of Summer

There are some enormous maples I stare at each morning, coffee cup in hand, as I figure out what’s up for the day. On this morning, hundreds of green leaves moving about on the air currents that pass through their branches remind me it’s still summer. There are, however, a smattering of those that have turned brown and moved on to sparsely carpet the ground below. Not many, but enough for me to take notice.
A gray and overcast sky will most likely burn off by late afternoon and transition to August warmth by this evening. The first week of September is rolling into view and the fibers of autumn are slowly weaving their way into the lazy carpet of summer. With the first school bus of the year that passed through our neighborhood around seven this morning, a predictable rhythm began. Cool morning air draws me forward...... toward change and possibility.
Hope you enjoy your last moments of summertime!
Warmly,  Margaret

(PS: If you're interested....I wrote about a wonderful Italian cafe, Caffe Dolce , that I visited last week in Missoula on the website Make it Missoula. I've included the link. Hope you check it out!)

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