Friday, September 2, 2011

Proud, Happy

At this moment I am a weepy-proud mess. A big sap, tearing up and not getting anything at all accomplished. I am proud and happy. I just think some days are like this.

Change and moving on has been the subject of many conversations this week. The content of a lot of reading. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends that I know, they're all watching the yearly tide of young people moving away from them. It's on to the first day of preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school or college. The current flows toward new friends, new experiences, new jobs, new ideas, new challenges. Whether in baby steps or giant steps, they walk, run, ride, drive, fly and dream their way toward what their future holds. And hopefully the rest of us will remember just how important this process is. How important it is to be there for them......not to choose the dream, but to support it.

Yesterday a friend's facebook status mentioned that her oldest was moving to a different city in a different state to begin a new job. College and graduate school are finished and her child is taking the logical, and in this economy, sought after next step for any graduate. In somewhere around 140 characters she expressed the weight and multitude of her conflicting emotions: love, pride, happiness, sadness, confidence, trust and surely, relief.

So all of this......this is what turned me into that weepy-proud mess I just mentioned. My kids have dreams. And as much as I would love to just make them all work's neither my job nor my place. But standing behind them in support as they take the necessary steps......that is.

I guess I've become very aware of all the work they've done so far. They've plodded along and it's led them places, some of which I can attach names to and some that only they know. I am just so very proud.

And you know what else? Becoming aware of what they have done/are doing/will do has encouraged me to take renewed notice of my own dreams and where I'm going. I've plodded along and have taken necessary steps as well, both baby and giant ones. And they've led me to some places I can attach names to and to some that only something larger than myself knows for sure. I am just so very happy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

**Peter is in London for the next month with the very talented musician David Boone as he works to produce his next album. I hope you'll click on this link to find out more about this songwriter/musician and what's happening in London!

***Ahhhh......I couldn't help coming back to add this link I just came across. It's about Finding Time.....bits and chunks of it that you can use to make some of your dreams, thoughts and passions a reality. It's also by Anne of my very favorite writers. Love her real, always tell it like it is style.

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