Friday, September 23, 2011

Lovely, Colorful Autmn

It's the first day of fall, sunny and 80 degrees and I've been knitting. I know the cooler days will be here soon enough and just the thought of them puts me in the mood to work on a  project. I knit a hat for a friend earlier in the week, finished the baby sweater I started this summer and got started on a baby's hat today. I should mention that I started it three times. The first time I lost count of the rows and the second, when I was nearly finished, noticed a mistake.  It's knit with a snowflake pattern in blue and white, and when I was nearly through I noticed that one of the white stitches was where a blue one should be and vice versa. It is a fun project......and small and quick. I don't mind trying to get it right.  

You've probably noticed......I love color. So you can imagine what it's like for me to walk into a store that sells yarn: I practically get dizzy. I couldn't stop admiring this sweater I photographed. (The view is from the back.) I have a few too many things I want to finish first but then I think I need to go back and find the pattern and the yarn. It was soft and bulky and I especially love that mustard color and those big stitches. It would look great with jeans and I can think of a million reasons I'd wear it. OK.....I think I'm convinced.

 The piece I wrote for Make It Missoula this week was about my visit to Loopy Knit/Crochet, a lovely yarn store there.....and about fall and knitting. I've provided the link here and hope you'll take a look!

Hope you enjoy a wonderful fall weekend!

Warmly, Margaret

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