Friday, October 14, 2011

The Way It Goes

We're planning a Road Trip to Missoula to visit Peter and Joey. Life has been somewhat of a whirlwind these days as far as our family is concerned.....our front door seemingly in constant motion with all of the comings and goings. No longer is the time we spend with each other predictable. Gone are the days with schedules; knowing what time the boys will get up, leave or come home on a daily basis. When I know exactly when or if  they will be able to show up. Jobs, school, opportunities......It's a different stage of life and any attempts at predictability are futile..

We see each other when it's possible with no expectations. Each visit will be made the best of.  As it turns out, the one who now lives the farthest away will be home for a few days while we are in a different state visiting his brothers. When we return, we'll see him for just a few minutes, if at all.

We're home, they're not. They're home.....we're not. Our relationships are about love, priorities and timing. Appreciating each visit for what it is. Being thankful that we live in an age where long distance communication is fast, inexpensive and easy. 

And that's the way it goes......

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

XO, Margaret

PS. You can read about my love of a good Road Trip , specifically our trips to Missoula MT, here!


Jaim said...

I love your writing and I always love a road trip!

I live in the backwoods of Montana, on the east side of the mountains, and am raising two young girls(5 and 3). It takes us 35 minutes to get to the grocery store, pharmacy, or city park and my husband and I have decided to ban all screens in the car. We do a lot of listening to books but we do a lot of talking about our surroundings. I think it's important to share that love of whatever is outside the window, the ever changing, with our kids rather then keep them quiet.

I hope you have a great trip. I love the drive from here to Seattle(if that's where you live). Thank you also for your pictures, they are so beautiful!


thisfriendlyvillage said...

Thank you so much for the nice comments and for sharing your own experiences. I think that you and I both agree about the value of looking out the window on a road trip! You said it so well...that it's important to share with our kids 'rather than keeping them quiet'. Thanks for that and thanks for checking in! :) Margaret

Leciawp said...

I love road trips, too. Have a great one!

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