Monday, January 24, 2011

Pics from my weekend: Mother Nature Gets It.....Right?

There is a noisy river outside our hotel room rushing full and fast past snowy banks. A thick wall of gray-white has settled in low and so dense that it prevents me from seeing the other side. The hazy rays of a few street lamps have managed to sneak through and create a sense of foggy mystery. My view is obstructed and nature's sense of humor has not escaped my notice. I get it. I'm acutely aware of the symbolism she has in mind.

Just beyond the fog and the river is the university campus where we moved our youngest back into his dorm about twleve hours ago. Winter break is there he is......separated from us by forces of nature. Maneuvering on his own. Doing what a college-aged kid needs to do to become an adult.

I think I remember what that was like: Trying on near-total independence to see how it fit. Excited to be back among campus friends after a few weeks wrapped in the safety of home and family. Anticipation of yet unknown experiences. Loving my parents but feeling no doubt that I was in the right place away from them. What I didn't know at the time was how they must have felt.

I have one son who for the time being lives across that river. One who lives with his dog on the other side of campus. And another living in a university town about five hours away. All is well. Before we moved him in, we had a couple days with our youngest and his friends in snowy Montana. They skied and snowboarded. We fed them and relaxed and enjoyed the opportunity. Thanks for the winter weather Mom Nature. We're all doing more or less what we should be. The nest is empty least until next break.

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