Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Name That Blog

  While mulling over the idea of starting a blog during the past few months, at some point I decided to stop mulling and start making a plan. January seemed like a month to begin and as the month rolled closer, I knew that if I could come up with a name I would most likely take the leap.  I spent sort of a ridiculous amount of time thinking…..thinking…..thinking. I jotted notes, poured over my (yes…paper) dictionary and copy of Rodale’s, The Synonym Finder. I wandered my house, yard, and kitchen for inspiration looking for a combination of words that would reproduce something even close to what I wanted this blog to be about. I thought at night when it was quiet and during busy running-around days.

  There were many possible combos. All were descriptive. None felt right. Just for fun I considered listing them here….but then decided that I really hope they come through in future posts. I’d love to say that This Friendly Village came to me like a brilliant flash…but it didn’t. I walked past one of the bookshelves in our home, spotted a book from my childhood and the words in its title hung around my brain for the next few days. It is one of the books that I learned to read with.....and in its simplicity, maybe even shaped how I think about the world. Anyway, I fully realize that you may not think it’s so brilliant, but the name says something to me.  It reflects the combination of people and experiences that make up my village. The thought that we can belong to a few different villages. How the web can connect us all.

1 comment:

Donna said...

I love the name!! My daughter happened on your site today and told me about it. I am so enjoying your pictures and reading about your life and adventures.

Glad you joined the blogging world.

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