Friday, July 22, 2011

I'll pass?

A couple things I've come across lately have had to do with the topic of commitment. Of deciding to do something and feeling strongly enough to follow through. It is a word and a concept that speaks of yourself, to other people and it has really got me thinking. And I like that.

Earlier this week I read about a painter who is committed to his art, finding bits of time to work on it in between relationships and the job he works to support himself. What struck me most was that it doesn't seem to matter what others think, whether he sells anything or if he becomes well known in the art world. I got the impression that he paints because he knows it is inside of him; finds the time because he has a commitment to himself. This is someone who enjoys what they do, believes in himself and honors what he knows he is..... a painter.

Yesterday my sister, Michele, spoke of something similar: a couple of artist's......also painters....'who worked with no regard for the spotlight'. I like how she put that. That she was impressed by these artists who stayed true to a personal vision or version of their art.

Recently, I read an article in Montana Magazine (written by Alan Kesselheim) about Jack Horner, a Montana State University Professor who said, " As far as I can tell I was born a Paleontologist." I came away from it feeling like this guy knows who he is, what he was born to be and was committed to living it. It is the second account I've read lately about someone who hurdled many obstacles along the way in order to pursue something they wanted to do.

When Marc and I became engaged, one of the things he said to me was that he liked the feeling of our commitment to each other.  How fortunate for both of us. It's been nearly 26 years and that thread has run through our marriage for each of them. It has allowed and encouraged us to approach both hard work and obstacles with dedication.

I have a friend who often posts inspiring quotes on facebook about commitment to yourself, to a dream, to something you chose to do. I enjoy her helpful hints and need to let her know how encouraging they are to me on days when I want to remain anything but committed to something I need to do. Here are a couple of her recent ones. (Sorry...but I don't know who to attribute them to.)

"Too often we see only the things that stand in our way. Instead, we should look for all the ways we can go over or around."

"We can be impressed by people who do something big, but we’re inspired when they can do it over and over and over. Be a person who cares to inspire rather than impress."

I certainly have had to learn balance where commitment is concerned. Sometimes there are simply too many things to choose from and sometimes they all seem to be of equal importance. Throughout the years however, I have learned that the truly important ones have sifted out. Thank goodness......

Have a wonderful weekend,


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