Friday, July 8, 2011

R and R

We  recently took a week off for some much needed R and R. Good to clear the brain every once in awhile in order to be effective for what lies ahead. When I find myself a bit sluggish, taking too long to complete simple tasks or uninspired...I know that it's time.

One of the things I love to do is immerse myself in a good book; live in the world of  its author for awhile and let my imagination take off. I enjoy time on vacation where I can manage a few good hours with book in hand and no distractions. My choices may or may not be a little lighter and often are affected by what's on display at the local bookstore where ever we decide to visit.  When possible...and it usually is....we're able to find small independently owned bookshops where the owners or employees are available to chat and give a couple of recommendations. Whitefish has one such store and we make it a point to stop in each time we pass through.

This time I picked up a copy of The Reading Promise, by Alice Ozma when I noticed two or three stacked on a table near the front of the store. I scanned the cover and leafed through the pages, then asked the woman behind the counter what she thought. She confirmed what the book jacket said, that it is about a father who made a pact with his young daughter to read to her each and every night without fail for as long as they could both keep it up. Loving books, this piqued my interest. The fact that the sweet lady who works in the shop teared up when she spoke piqued it even more.

At this point, I won't tell you much more about it except to say that it was written in the honest voice of  a very bright 22 year old girl. It is her true story and about so much more than the fact that her father read to her every night without fail until the day she left for college.  A great pick for anyone who loved to be read to as a child or anyone who has the opportunity to read to a child. It is for those who look forward to curling up with a good book and who nurture their love of reading.

I loved this book and am happy I walked through the door of that shop and picked it up. I'll be passing it on to others, and brought tears to my eyes as a really good way. 

XO Happy Reading!

PS. One of the best parts is that Alice Ozma shared the list of books and their authors that her father read to her from the time she was in third grade throughout high school. As many as they could remember anyway. What a gift!!

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