Friday, July 29, 2011

Yes.....I needed that.....

A week at the lake. Yep....I needed that. My favorite part was waking with the sun, drinking morning coffee and smelling fresh air coming in through the screen door. Marc and I had a few days to ourselves and a couple of the boys came for the rest. There was time for a lot of walking, quite a bit of daydreaming and simply savoring not doing much. It was nice.

I'll keep it short today because we just got home. It's late and I'm bit tired, although refreshed. I will leave you with these pictures, however, and the hope that they will somehow refresh you, too.

Wishing you a peaceful evening and weekend,


PS. I would just love it if you would check out my blog, Visit Missoula, at the website Make It Missoula. I'll be writing about our frequent visits to Missoula, MT on that site. Here is a link to my first post called Welcome To Visit Missoula.

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