Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Bits of Summer

A few summer things:

As of last week I have a new oven; the old one had been acting up for awhile. It's a wall unit and when the original one was removed, the contractor found it had been wired incorrectly in the first place. Yikes! The new guy has a cobalt blue interior. Don't know why but that makes me happy every time I open it. The first thing I made was a pan of Butter Tart Squares....which......if you have any Canadians in your family, you'll know what I'm talking about and why they were what I chose to initiate my oven with.

Peter and his dog, Lewis, walked through the door at 10:30 last night. I had no idea they were coming to town. Of course, a coffee cake was in and out of my new oven with the cobalt blue interior early this morning.

Joey has a summer job working in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant where he stands for hours at a time making ravioli and tortellini. Yesterday he told me he gets lost deep in his thoughts while he's preparing food. I get that.

I spent this past Saturday inside and Sunday outside getting quite a few chores taken care of. So many little things that were adding up, weighing on me and making me anxious to get them out of the way. It was a rainy, cloudy weekend, which made the sunny day I had planting flowers yesterday that much more enjoyable.

Last evening was the first dinner this season that we've eaten outside on the patio. Grilled steaks, grilled corn and baked potatoes with an arugula, tomato and feta salad. Worth waiting for.

Today......a day with our whole family under the same roof.

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